Hawaii Resin Map Ornament


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This ornament features a stylized silhouette of the Hawaiian Islands. The island chain and name are encased in resin tinted to resemble beautiful, tropical blue water. The edge has been hand-painted with gold trim and the ornament hangs from a gold cord. A three dimensional silhouette of the island chain is cut and painted green to evoke the lush Hawaiian foliage. The resin is very durable and has a glossy look while allowing some light to pass through the blue to create a gorgeous, translucent water effect.

This ornament can also be ordered with a three-dimensional, gold-painted “2023” encased in the resin or with no text and only the island silhouette.

The ornament will come gift-wrapped in kraft paper tied with gold cord and a laser-cut outline of Hawaii affixed. A gift message can be included at no additional cost.

Approximately 3″ in diameter and 0.25″ thick.

Free Shipping via USPS.

Because each ornament is individually made there may be some variation in color, size, and shape.

Ornament Type

With "Hawaii", With "2023", Island Only


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